Bonnie Whitmore Continental Gallery


January 13, 2022 @ 8:30 pm
$10 cover @8pm.. 21+ only.

Bonnie Whitmore @8:30pm – $10 cover @8pm. 21+ only.

Bonnie Whitmore ventured out of a lifetime of country music influences to make a rock record. It’s a record that gives voice to the singer-songwriter and the Denton native’s angry inner woman. She says the album, F#@k With Sad Girls, will pull some of her fans out of their comfort zones.
“Let’s just say there’s a lot of balls in this record that haven’t been there before,” Whitmore says over the phone from Austin.
F#@k With Sad Girls is an homage to pissed off women in American music, a record that slides from doo-wop to unhinged heavy rock. The songs are not typical country fare either, with lyrics about feminine independence, emotional masochism and that oh-so-salient title track. “The song just pushes the boundaries on what people consider to be attractive and beautiful,” she says. “And not having to necessarily conform to what it has been and what it should be and what I want it to be.”