Ramsay Midwood @12:30am, Churchwood @11:15pm, Mother Neff @10pm The Continental Club


January 18, 2020 @ 10:00 pm
$25 admissions at the door. Advance tickets have ended. Will Call @9:00pm - No hard or electronic tickets. 21+ only.

Ramsay Midwood @12:30am, Churchwood @11:15pm, Mother Neff @10pm – $15  at the door. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

Texas singer-songwriter Ramsay Midwood‘s music is at once highly idiosyncratic but also as familiar as a bad habit. His bluesy, rootsy romps instantly start your head bobbing as his bizarre lyrics full of rich, Southern Gothic visuals set your imagination flowing. His style and lyric-making ability will excite and confuse you in the way that good poetry can. His music is bright with surprise, sultry beat, and innovative comparative operators. One can liken his sound and style to a potpourri of incense and smoky vapors complicated by the thick heat of a swamp and spiced with healthy dashes of salt, sandpaper, and beer foam. A strong sense of plain-stated, Southern Gothic surrealism helps buoy the themes of loss and redemption infused throughout his work.

Churchwood performs a vital and much-needed musical mission on their self-titled Saustex Records debut album: Saving the blues from the blahs and numerous other crimes and afflictions. Hailing from Austin, Texas, a city rightfully accused of being “The Boring White Blues Capital of the World,” the ingenious quintet kick the lazy butt of blues music into the second decade of the 21st Century and beyond.

Mother Neff sets out to explore the cosmic corners where Southern soul, Texas guitars and Louisiana rhythms can create a little star dust to sprinkle over your beautiful hearts.