Jenny & The Mexicats @11:30pm, Lisa Morales @10pm The Continental Club


September 6, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
$12 cover at the door @9:30pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

Jenny & The Mexicats @11:30pm, Lisa Morales @10pm – $12 at the door @9:30pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

“The lead singer’s a woman Jenny Ball. She’s from England, and she’s a trumpet player, vocalist. And she was travelling in Spain and happened to meet these two flamenco musicians who were from Mexico, oddly enough. They added a percussionist from Spain, and called their band Jenny and the Mexicats. And what they’ve done with those influences is create this really impressive mix of rockabilly, cumbia, jazz, flamenco, and they perform it in both English and in Spanish.” ~Felix Contreras, Alt Latino.

Lisa Morales is an Americana singer-songwriter from the band Sisters Morales. Writing & performing in a mix of English & Spanish, she expresses the width & depth of relationships. Tuscon-born, a cousin of Linda Ronstadt, Lisa grew up in Houston, and now calls San Antonio home.