Mike Stinson The Continental Club


October 15, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
$7 cover at the door @9:30pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

Mike Stinson @10:00pm – $7 cover at the door @9:30pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

Few, if any walk, away from a Mike Stinson show unaffected by his particular slant. His songs are the thrills, chills and spills of life, filled with razor sharp word play, charm, depth, poignance and musical muscle. “Mike Stinson is dangerous, the kind of songwriter who can upend the way you see the world with a single line, and whose lean, mean rock and roll machine of a band usually starts at a Chuck Berry gallop and goes from there. They can crank it so hard, in fact, it’s entirely possible to miss all the diamond-tipped rejoinders, double entendres, aphorisms and the occasional outright burn that litter Stinson’s songs, and make him one of the wickedest lyricists around today.