New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars The Continental Club


June 7, 2019 @ 10:00 pm
$15 at the door @9:00pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars @10:00pm – $15 at the door @9:00pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

The New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars are entering their 27th year as an active performing ensemble. In these times when folk music has meant rigidly sticking to a cliched format or collecting hackneyed stylistic features, the klezmer all stars have attempted to challenge and stretch boundaries…but without sacrificing the most exciting features of social music; driving rhythms, passion, and clear melodies that are sublime but remain memorable.
Using the inspiration of the city where they began, the band has formed a unique approach to traditional melodies and, even more unusual, a way of writing in the style that leads to a sort of Yiddish Impressionism– keeping audiences dancing but cutting to the depths of their cultural imaginations, even where they didn’t realize they had one.