Peenbeets The Continental Club


November 30, 2018 @ 10:00 pm
SOLD OUT. Will Call @9pm - No hard tickets. 21+ only.

Peenbeets @10:00pm – SOLD OUT. Will Call @9:00pm – no hard tickets. 21+ only.

They’re baaack!
While American public’s last chance to witness the Peenbeets as a living, breathing creative farce, was thought to be long passed, the boys are still friends and they remain amenable to reuniting for one-off gigs in the future for worthy causes (like trying to get laid). In addition to Mr. Positive’s relocation to the Bay Area, the remaining Peenbeets have announced plans of their own. Chepo Peña is developing a Cuban cooking show called “Chepo’s Cocina” for the Food Network, Jimmy Burdine is honing his stand-up routine at comedy defensive driving courses nationwide, and Greg Beets is seeking backing for a stage adaptation of the 1979 Bill Murray classic, “Meatballs.”

“We want to thank all our friends and fans for supporting us through our many trials and tribulations with the entertainment and leisure industry,” said Beets. “Now who needs a drink?”