Cuckoos @1am, Shooks @12am, James McMurtry @10pm The Continental Club


November 30, 2021 @ 10:00 pm
$10 cover. 21+ only.

The Cuckoos @1am, Shooks @midnight, James McMurtry @10pm – $10 cover at 9:30pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

Never one to rest on his laurels, James McMurtry continues to tour constantly, and consistently puts on a “must-see” powerhouse performance. ‘The Washington Post’ noted McMurtry’s live prowess: “Much attention is paid to James McMurtry’s lyrics, and rightfully so: He creates a novel’s worth of emotion and experience in four minutes of blisteringly stark couplets. What gets overlooked, however, is that he’s an accomplished rock guitar player.”

Shooks is led by Marlon Sexton. Shooks is an Indie Psyche Rock band with a little post punk thrown into the mix, featuring Marlon, Muddy, Dewey Ivy, Matt Erlandson, and Colton Kincaid. They released an EP, Pet, in May which was written & sung & co-produced by Sexton.

The bittersweet incandescent shimmer of The Cuckoos is deeply rooted in classic rock, dance club funk, and neo-psych art soul, earning the young Austin, Texas band a remarkable reputation in just a few short years. The swampy groove arising from the collision of New Wave romanticism, swirling experimentalism, and loud punky guitars is somehow as perfect as it was improbable, decisively demonstrated on record and stage.