Marti Brom CD release! @12am, Lou Ann Barton @10:30pm The Continental Club


December 21, 2019 @ 10:30 pm
$12 at the door @10pm. Noadvance tickets. 21+ only.

Marti Brom CD Release! @Midnight, Lou Ann Barton @10:30pm – $12 at the door @10pm. No advance tickets. 21+ only.

“Although she doesn’t tour nearly as much as she probably could, Austin-based vocalist Lou Ann Barton is one of the finest purveyors of raw, unadulterated roadhouse blues from the female gender that you’ll ever hear. Like Delbert McClinton, she can belt out a lyric so that she can be heard over a two-guitar band with horns. She belts out her lyrics in a twangy voice so full of Texas that you can smell the barbecue sauce. She swaggers confidently about the stage, casually tossing her cigarette to the floor as the band kicks in on its first number. The grace, poise, and confidence she projects on-stage is part of a long tradition for women blues singers.”, Richard Skelly.

Marti’ Brom – a gal born and bred in St. Louis, Missouri, she spent her summers in the bayous of South Louisiana with her grandparents. Today, she applies her bluesy St. Louis voice and sensibilities to the hillbilly purist aesthetics found in Austin, Texas to create a raucous but sultry rockabilly music. Her vision is to bring back a hillbilly glamour to country and rockabilly music.