The Weary Boys Reunion & LIVE Recording @12am, Leo Rondeau @10:30pm The Continental Club


November 22, 2019 @ 10:30 pm
$20 at the door. Advance tickets have ended. Will Call @10pm - No hard or electronic tickets. 21+ only.

THE WEARY BOYS Reunion & LIVE Recording! @Midnight, Leo Rondeau @10:30pm – $20 at the door. Advance tickets have ended. Will Call @10pm – No hard or electronic tickets. 21+ only.

When the Weary Boys rolled into Austin from California in 2001, they set the town on fire with their high-octane take on string music. Across six albums, the local quintet showcased the songwriting of Mario Matteoli and Darren Hoff atop a blazing fiddle from Brian Salvi, and the furious rhythm of Cary Ozanian on drums and upright bassist Darren Sluyter.
For a short period just past the turn of the century, Austin’s Weary Boys were the most wanted outlaws here in cow town. Though they splintered into other projects in 2007, their infrequent reunions still spark a crazed hoedown faster than a backwoods bonfire. The two-night stand marks the second return to their old stomping grounds at the Continental Club after nearly seven years, as Mario Matteoli and Darren Hoff trade off between ballads and stomps. Leo Rondeau opens Friday, and Croy & The Boys set up Saturday night.

Leo Rondeau deals in stories – candid, honest and plainspoken – and like all great story tellers, examines life in all its twinges, sorrows, victories, and joys.
Rondeau, an established performer in Austin, TX before relocating to Nashville, has tours of the US, Australia, and Europe under his belt, and carefully road tested the majority of his new release, Right on Time. The result is a confident, timeless tribute to devotion, loss, and atonement, all through the distinct voice of a modern country troubadour unafraid to explore life’s somber realities while illuminating the subtle hope within.